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2014 Trout Nature Center Hall of Fame Inductee — Pat Smith

Pat Smith, 2014 Trout Nature Center Hall of Fame Inductee

Pat Smith to be inducted into Trout Nature Center Hall of Fame on April 26tth at Arkansas State University - Mountain Home.

Trout Nature Center Banquet InvitationPat is the past managing director of the Southern Council and an active member of many associated organizations such as Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, North Arkansas Fly Fishers, Damsel Fly Fishers, Sowbug Roundup, Trout Nature Center Task Force and others.

She will join the ranks of these past inductees: Dave Whitlock, Jim Gaston, Dr. Robert Behnke, Joan Wulff, Forrest Wood, Steve N. Wilson, Elmo Hurst, and Tom Schumuecker. We are fortunate and blessed to count Pat as a friend and member of the Southern Council.

Congratulations, Pat Smith! We are proud of your association with us as well as your hard work and accomplishments.

For more information, review this ASUMH article.


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Sponsorship opportunities for Trout Hall Fame Induction 2014 "Create the Vision" Banquet are now available.

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Sponsorships, advertising or tickets to the auction and Hall of Fame Banquet are $50/person and can be purchased by calling the Sheid at (870) 508-6280.

Destination Texas: Fly Fishing Adventure Close to Home

Destination Texas

The Texas Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers announces Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo to be held June 12-14, 2014 in New Braunfels, TX.

Held at the New Braunfels Civic Center, Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo brings together the fishing community from across the state to share, learn and celebrate the art of fly fishing. Those new to fly fishing or just curious will find a welcoming environment with plenty of hands on activities to introduce to them to the sport. While anglers of all skill levels will find the knowledge and expertise to help them improve as well as visit and share stories.

Registration for Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo and all of the workshops will begin in mid March 2014. An email will be sent out to all Federation members, and forms can also be accessed from your club President. When registering, you will lock in your choices for the tying sessions, presentations, Texas Parks and Wildlife workshops, casting workshops, fly fishing film tour, Saturday Night Awards dinner and auction, women’s breakfast, and so much more! For updates, activities, exhibitors and more visit: Official Web info for Destination Texas

Texas Council

Message from The Texas Council

Texas Federation Members. Words cannot express how excited we are about putting together an expo for our great state. We hope you all make plans to attend as the Texas Council intends to educate Texans on how to fly fish in Texas. Destination Texas will highlight the amazing talent we have, build a program that will grow our sport, and conserve the resources we so dearly love for years to come.

We ask for your support, as funds from the expo will stay here in Texas. We want to grow our clubs, provide resources that can be used by our members, and conserve the vital resources we Texans love. The expo will bring a few challenges, that we need to be prepared for. It will be held during the busy time of season in New Braunfels, and we realize that lodging may be an issue. Please make plans as soon as possible to attend. New Braunfels has many different styles of lodging, including motels, hotels, rental houses, camping, RV lodges, and many of these options are available. Clubs should consider coming as a group, and renting a house would be great option.

We hope to see all of you there, and look forward to an amazing time together. Stay tuned for more news, and registration information.

Russell Husted
President of the Texas Council



For those of you that attended the Sowbug Roundup, it was yet another flawless gathering of fly tyers that has become the best fly tying event in the southeastern United States. The truly miraculous thing was that it went off without a hitch or any drama. The North Arkansas Fly Fishers, the sponsoring group and our local fly fishing club, just makes it look easy. The truth of the matter is that this show doesn’t just happen. It is meticulously planned and carefully orchestrated.

Yesterday I attended the last meeting of the 2014 Sowbug Committee and the first meeting of the 2015 Sowbug Committee. It was the same meeting. Terry Briggs, the 2014 chairman, started the meeting. He called on each subcommittee chairman for an overview of their area responsibility, an analysis of what went well and to discuss any areas for improvement. All were encouraged to offer constructive criticism.

We went over the revenue and expenses and compared them to the previous years (from 1998 forward) and discussed trends, changes and possible changes for 2015. The show is still growing. Based on how other fly fishing shows have declined in recent years, there is some concern among the committee that we should tweak the festival to keep it growing. At the same time, there is a respect for the past and a commitment to continue some of the great traditions that have made the festival a major success for almost two decades.

We discussed the vendors and how to draw new ones as space becomes available. There was quite a discussion on how to best use the space and optimize it for future festivals. We continue to add to our base group of fly tyers and are always looking for new tyers.

We talked about the seminars and how to bring in some new talent. One idea is for my wife, Lori, to teach fly casting every day instead of having multiple classes on one day. One seminar that will remain unchanged is mine on How to Fish the White and Norfork Rivers. We also talked about how to soundproof the seminar room.

There was quite a bit of talk about the Friday night tyers dinner. We want to make it more inclusive by bringing in the general public. That means finding a new venue and the possibility of having an open bar. There was a bit of talk about having a small auction of premium items at the dinner.

I talked about the success of our first fly tying contest and plans for growing the event in the future. The plan is to market it more effectively on YouTube, Face book and the North Arkansas Fly Fishers website. There is also some interest in adding new fly categories to the contest.

Near the end of the meeting Mike Tipton took over chairing the meeting to schedule the meetings for the 2015 festival. We will meet every month to plan and coordinate the next festival.

Success is no accident. It is the result of a lot of work and this group is ready for the challenge. They want to keep the festival fresh and current while maintaining a respect for the traditions of the past. I think that the Sowbug Roundup will improve with age. If you attended this year’s festival and have a suggestion, please contact me.