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Here is the scoop on the Oct. 3rd – 5th , 2014 IFFF Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair.

Friday Welcome Dinner 5:30pm until ????

Download 2014 Fly Fishing Fair Preregistration Forms: Adobe Acrobat PDF or MS Word DOCX.

The fun starts with a Welcome Dinner in the C2 Building on the Baxter County Fairgrounds

Everyone is invited to come eat FREE Burgers and Brats, soft drinks, tea and water will be provided. Beer will be a bottomless cup in a cool IFFFSOC cup that you can buy for $5.00. You keep the cup. Let's see if the keg can float as good as the boat!

A Casting Game for prizes! Distance and Accuracy, 1 man's winner & 1 women's winner. TFO Rod for the winners!

50/50 Raffle for CASH!

There will be a few surprise raffles that you do not want to miss out on, here is a hint to what they might be Sage, TFO ….. who knows what else?

After the dinner and casting games we will have a live band provided by Scott Chism and the Better Half from Hattiesburg Mississippi. "Scott Chism is a story teller. His warm drawl makes even the most simple of his stories seem like epic tales. Five feet away sits Lynsey Terry, the better half and conscience of the duo, looking on with a tender, but skeptical look on her face. Rooted in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, their back porch poetry with its humor and old southern morals is set to a blend of Americana, folk and bluegrass that inspires as it entertains. You will not want to miss out on Friday Night!!!!

Saturday Night Awards Dinner and Live Auction
5:30- till the last person leaves!

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Sit down and eat great BBQ for $15, Dinner will include BBQ Chicken and Pork, Pit Beans, vegetable plus desert soda, tea or water. Beer will have a $5 bottomless cup with another cool IFFFSOC Cup! The BBQ is provided by Hearts on Fire BBQ Team from Springfield MO, Kyle and his team has competed all over the nation Winning many top honors. You will not want to miss the dinner bell Saturday Night.


Enjoy live music by Missouri Boatride.

The "Missouri Boatride" Bluegrass band was formed in the late 90's when a group of family and neighbors began “jamming” together. A uniqueness of musical talent in instrumentals and vocals appeared and the group began receiving requests to perform publicly. Performances have included the Branson's American Star, Silver Dollar City, and many unique venues throughout the Branson, Missouri area. A couple of the members have even been on The Andy Griffith Show.


The band will take a break and we will have our LIVE AUCTION for 30 – 45 minutes, then the band will come back. Auction items that will be on the block that night will include the Legends Fly Plate, The Tiers Plate, and a plate Featuring the flies of Michael Schmidt (the fly plates are framed by Steve Jensen) ,select art work from Dave & Emily Whitlock, and Duane Hada. We are also auctioning off fishing trips with Jason Randal and Michael Schmidt that will take place on Sunday. I have acquired many rods and reels that include Sage, Hardy Rods and Able Reels plus many more items that are sure to be on your wish list.

Merchandise available through live auction, silent auction or raffle.

  • Legends Fly Plate
  • SOC Tiers Fly Plate
  • Mike Schmidt Fly Plate
  • Full Day Fishing Trip with Jason Randall for Sunday , Oct. 5th
  • Day Fishing Trip with Michael Schmidt for Sunday , Oct. 5th
  • VIP Package - $500 Fair Dollars, Lodging for 2 nights, 2 Banquet Tickets
  • Guided Duck in MO between Oct. 31, 2014 – Jan. 14, 2015
  • Able Super 3N with engraved artwork by Ray Cover retail $800
  • Sage xi3 9' 10wt. w/Able Super 910 Tarpon Reel retail $1,800
  • Dave Whitlock Art
  • Duane Hada Art
  • Abel 5n
  • Sage one 3 wt
  • Lots more stuff…

Pre-registration Mania!

If you PRE-REGISTER & donate *$500.00 dollars to the IFFFSOC you will receive 2 free nights during the event at the Ramada or Comfort Inn in Mountain Home, plus you will receive a $500.00 credit for the live and silent auctions or if you wish it can go towards a Premium Program that you wish to attend.

New this year! You have the option to purchase “Fair Bucks”. These will be sold at a discount during pre-registration. Once you arrive at the Fly Fishing Fair, your Fair Bucks can be used to purchase anything that is for sale by the Southern Council. Shirts, hats, pins, silent auctions, live auctions, drinks during the Friday night Welcome Dinner and the Saturday night Dinner & Live concert with Missouri Boat Ride.

During pre-registration, Fair Bucks will be sold in $50 increments that will cost you $45. A savings of 10%! Your Bucks will be issued on a card you will carry and Bucks will be deducted as you spend them. If you have Fair Bucks left at the end of the event, please donate your card with whatever amount is left, to your favorite non-profit in attendance. Your balance is not refundable, but your donation is tax deductible. Receipts will be given by the non-profits to acknowledge your donation.

*$500 Credit Holder must be the individual who bids on and wins an auction item. $500 credit may be used toward the purchase of Premium Programs for the holder or immediate family members only. $500 credit may be used to purchase SOC shirts, hats, pins, raffle tickets and Sat. night BBQ dinner tickets and drinks. If you have Fair Bucks left at the end of the event, please donate your card with whatever amount is left, to your favorite non-profit in attendance. Your balance is not refundable, but your donation is tax deductible. Receipts will be given to acknowledge your donation.

There's going to be some fun!!

If you want to see the programs in chronological order without summaries, go to the 2014 Fly Fishing Fair Preregistration Form (PDF).

Programs by Presenter

Jason Randall

Jason RandallJason Randall — Author of 3 books, frequent speaker, contributor to fly fishing magazine publications since 2001, appearing regularly in American Angler since 2010. Jason Randall is a veterinarian certified in fish health and medicine. He lives in Woodstock, Illinois.

Trout SenseTrout Sense: A Fly Fisher's Guide to What Trout See, Hear and Smell
Stackpole Books/ Headwater Books - To be released in August of 2014

A comprehensive presentation on trout's sensory capabilities, specifically what they see, hear and smell, and how to utilize that information to catch more fish. Ideas to improve fly choice and design enhance presentation and avoid the things that alert and alarm fish are discussed in detail.

The more you know about trout, the more fish you'll catch. This third and final book in Jason Randall's Fly Fisherman's Guide series explains the trout's world for fly fishers who want to know more about their quarry. Randall sees fly fishing as both a physical and an intellectual pursuit. Like a coach sharing the scouting report on a rival team, Randall gives readers all the details about trout they need to prepare for their next contest on the water.

Randall's approach is both scientific and simple. He uses the latest research to answer common questions like where an angler should stand on the river bank and whether or not to use ultraviolet fly-tying materials. Trout Sense is a smart, entertaining book that's guaranteed to change how you see trout—by revealing how they see you!

"Jason has done a masterful job of examining the senses of the trout… [His] comments on fly selection and angling tactics, which are riveted solidly to the scientific data, are a must study for all fly rodders." — Dr. Gary A. Borger, Professor Emeritus, Biology, University of Wisconsin, Marathon County

Feeding TimeFeeding Time: A Fly Fisher's Guide to What, Where and When Trout Eat
Stackpole Books/ Headwater Books August 1, 2013

  • Trout eat a large variety of food items, and diets and feeding behaviors change over time
  • The more you understand about the fish and their ecosystem, the better skilled you will be at determining what fish are eating
  • You can learn to adapt your fishing strategies to trout's routines
  • Secrets for catching larger trout


Moving WatersMoving Water: A Fly Fisher's Guide to Currents
Stackpole Books/ Headwater Press May 1, 2012

  • The most comprehensive book on how current affects fly fishing, the good and bad of drag, which casts and techniques to use when, and much more
  • Nymph fishing and accounting for variations in current speed at different depths
  • How even small movements of water can change your fly's movement, and what to do about it
  • The effects of turbulence on water temperature and oxygen content
  • How mayflies, stoneflies, and midges are affected by the water in which they live
  • Trout's evolutionary and day-to-day responses to current
  • Fishing drop-offs, midstream obstructions, and sweepers

Jason Randall Programs

#2 Friday 9am – 12pm Premium Program: - Nymph Fishing: Contact Techniques – Jason Randall which stresses two basic goals: maintaining contact with the river bottom where the fish are and maintaining contact with your flies to improve strike detection. It breaks down the newer European styles of nymph fishing, compares and contrasts methods of strike detection, offering alternatives to the classic 'bobber' style strike indicators and stresses the importance of presentation and the need master the tuck cast. This class is a short powerpoint followed by hands on instruction conducted on-the-water, with students using their own rods to learn the tuck cast and master the techniques. This portion of the class is an on-the-water program. Fishing license required or yarn fly only. Bring your rod/reel, waders, etc. 3- 4 hours in length. Program will begin in ½ #2 Western Sizzlin' conference room (in the Ramada) and ends on-the water. Limit 12 Program will be on Friday, Oct. 3rd 9am – 12pm Cost $35 IFFF member, $50 non-member

#6 Friday 2pm – 5pm Premium Program: - Advanced Nymphing Strategies for the Three Dimensional River – Jason Randall - This will be an on-the-water program. Based on the first book, 'Moving Water; A Fly Fisher's Guide to Currents,' with underwater video to illustrate drag while nymph fishing. Actually shows underwater strikes and how to correct and improve nymph presentation to catch more fish. Covers new European and tight line techniques. Tied in with a workshop on constructing the ideal nymph leader, either the European styles or the 'tight line' types. Fishing license required or yarn fly only. Bring your rod/reel, waders, etc. 3 hours in length. Limit 10 - Program will start at the Ramada Inn Lobby -Friday, Oct. 3rd 2pm – 5pm Cost $35 IFFF member, $50 non-member

#10 Sat. 9am – 9:50am 'Catch your Trophy: Get in the Mind of Large Trout.' – Jason Randall -Matching your fishing strategy to the feeding strategy of large trout to catch bigger fish. Once you understand hypertrophic fish, their default diet and default feeding strategies, they become more predictable. Based on the second book, 'Feeding Time; A Fly Fisher's Guide to What, Where and When Trout Eat.' Sat. 9am – 9:50am Seminar Rm. No attendance limit. FREE

#14 Sat. 11am -11:50am 'Old School Wet Flies.' Jason Randall Covers the often lost art of the many ways to fish with wet flies and soft hackles. How, when, where and why to fish with this effective technique. Covers patterns, rigging and fishing techniques. Do a tying demo of the fly patterns discussed. No attendance limits. Program will be on Sat. 11am – 11:50am, Seminar Rm. FREE

#18 Sat. 2pm – 2:50pm 'Seasonal Angling Strategies: Fishing the Winter River.' Jason Randall Understanding the winter river and how it affects trout and their prey. Based on seasonal changes in the river, the composition and density of prey organisms in the drift, you can identify the limiting factors and predict where trout are found and what they should be eating. Seminar Rm. Sat. 2pm – 2:50pm No attendance limit. - FREE

#21 Sat. 4pm – 5pm 'Seasonal Angling Strategies: Fishing the Summer River.' Jason Randall Understanding the thermal behavior of rivers and how it affects trout and the prey they feed upon during warm weather. Predict where trout hide and how their feeding behavior is affected when the water temperature rises. Also covers how to handle fish caught from warm water to improve survivability after release. Seminar Rm. Sat. 4pm – 5pm No attendance limit. - FREE

Michael Schmidt

Michael SchmidtMike Schmidt is known by all of his friends as a fish junky. Every spare moment not on the water is occupied by some aspect of fly tying to enhance the next trip. He is always thinking about new techniques, fly patterns/applications and fishing locations whether in his car, at work, in the gym or lying in bed. From the time he could walk he was constantly taken out on Lake St Clair, Lake Huron, up Michigan's west coast rivers, and in to the Upper Peninsula in search of the next fish. He did not fly fish at the time but targeted anything with fins, something he still does to this day.

Mike started tying his own flies in college and converted, with near exclusivity, to fly-fishing. For over a decade he has tied commercially for his company located in Dublin Ohio, Anglers Choice Flies ( He does not focus on one particular style of fly but rather is a jack of all trades, tying patterns and refining them to fit whatever the situation may require. Mike ties a large catalogue of standard patterns as well as employing his knowledge of the sport and creativity to come up with new and innovative patterns to fool even the most wary fish.

Throughout the year Mike teaches fly tying and fishing technique at a number of clubs and retail locations around the Midwest. In addition he spends the winter months traveling to present and tie at fly fishing shows around the country. Doing so allows him the opportunity to meet many people involved in this wonderful sport and to teach fly tying to a very diverse audience.

Has been published in Hatches, Northwest Fly Fishers, Eastern Fly Fishers, Fly & more.

  • Contract Tyer and Tying instructor for Mad River Outfitters
  • Signature Tyer for Jag Fly Co./Steelhead Alley Outfitters
  • Performance Flies Pro Staff
  • Clear Cure Goo Pro Staff
  • contributor
  • 2008 Winged Wet Fly Tier of the Year,
  • 2009 Winged Wet Bronze medal,
  • 2009 Wet/Emerger Bronze medal,

Mike Schmidt Programs

#5 Friday, Oct. 3rd 2pm – 5pm Premium Program: - Tying Classic Wet Flies - Mike Schmidt - A 'hands-on' tying session for the intermediate to advanced fly tier. The attendees need to bring their vises, thread & tools. Tying materials will be provided. 3 hours in length. – maximum attendees; 10 Will be offered on Friday, Oct. 3rd 2pm – 5pm Location: ½ #1 Western Sizzlin' Conference Room (in the Ramada) Cost $35 IFFF member, $50 non-member

#4 Friday, Oct. 3rd 10am – 12:50am Premium Program: - Articulated Action – Mike Schmidt A 'hands-on' tying session for the intermediate to advanced fly tier. A look at tying proven articulated patterns like the Double Deceiver, Voodoo Squatch, Red Rocket and Drunk & Disorderly. The attendees need to bring their vises, tools and thread. Tying materials will be provided. 3 hours in length, maximum attendees; 10. Will be offered on Friday, Oct. 3rd 10am – 12:50am Location: ½ #1 Western Sizzlin' Conference Room (in the Ramada) Cost $35 IFFF member, $50 non-member

#12 Sat. 10am – 10:50am Production Tying Techniques for Everybody - Mike Schmidt - Will highlight different setups, ideas, and techniques from production work that anyone can use to produce more consistent flies at home and faster. Sat. 10am – 10:50am – Seminar Rm. No attendance limit. – FREE

#16 Sat. 1pm – 1:50pm Trout Hunting With Meat – Michael Schmidt A brief history of streamers and how they have progressed, and then goes though gear, reading water, fly selection and action…basically is a good primer course to dial in streamer fishing. Will be offered on Saturday, Oct.4th 1pm – 1:50pm – Seminar Rm. - No attendance limit. – FREE

#19 Sat. 3pm – 3:50pm Production Tying Techniques for Everybody - Michael Schmidt - Will highlight different setups, ideas, and techniques from production work that anyone can use to produce more consistent flies at home and faster. Sat. 3pm – 5pm – Seminar Rm. No attendance limit. – FREE

Davy Wotton

Davy WottonDavy Wotton — Fly fishing experience in 40 countries, a world recognized author, instructor, fly tier, and guide since the 1960's, this guy brings some serious background knowledge to the table. A consultant to fly fishing manufacturers and a conservationist responsible for starting organizations dedicated to the improvement of the White River system and federally trout mitigated tailwaters across the U. S.

#3 Friday 9am – 12pm Premium Program: - Mastering the Wet Fly – Davy Wotton - This will be an on-the-water program. Learn some of the skills for fishing wet fly, soft hackles and spiders.

  • Choices for rods, reels and lines.
  • How to build leader systems, casting and presentation techniques.
  • Techniques for upstream dead drift, up and across, across and down with animated fly methods.
  • How to choose the right flies to suit the techniques used.

Class will be 3 – 4 hours in length. Fishing license required or yarn fly only. Bring your rod/reel, waders, etc. Meet in Ramada Inn Lobby at 9am - Friday 9am – 12pm

Chuck Easterling

#8 Friday 3pm – 5pm Premium Program: - Improving Your Backcast, the Key to Increasing Your Distance Casting with Chuck Easterling, MCCI, Casting Board of Governors. Steve Hollensed, MCCI, Casting Board of Governors. Chuck has long been one of the SOC's premier casting instructors. Take this opportunity to unlock the keys to throwing those 'boomer casts' . Meet in Ramada Lobby - 3pm – 5pm Friday, Oct. 3rd – Cost $35 IFFF member, $50 non-member

Maryann Townsend

Maryann Townsend Ed.D., CCI, has been fishing for over 30 years and has been building fishing rods since 2000. Maryann teaches fly fishing and fly tying at the college level, is an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor and has done fly tying demonstrations for Bass Pro Shop, Feather Craft, FFF Southern Conclave and Ozark Fly Fishers in addition to teaching tying and casting classes for Bass Pro Shop, she is also the owner of MT Custom Outfitters, LLC.

#1 Friday 8am – 5pm Premium Program: - Building your Own Fly Rod with Maryann Townsend Ed.D., CCI - Build Your own fly fishing rod! What a feeling . . . the satisfaction of catching a fish on a custom rod you made by yourself! There are many options available to rod builders; from the basics to intricate decorative thread wraps and weaving, spinning rods to surf rods, and everything in between. The skills you learn in this class will open the door to building any type of rod you choose including fly rods. You will have your very own work of art to take home, your new custom rod.

Components included in this class, that you will get to keep:

  • One Fly Rod IM6 graphite blank (2pc) high-strength low-weight rod;
  • One Fly Rod Handle Assembly (Guide kit and tip top - reel seat/grip – butt cap); and
  • One Rod wrapping station (yours to keep at the end of the class)

Instructor will supply enough winding thread, epoxy, tools and other supplies to use during class to complete your rod. This will be held on 8am – 5pm on Friday – Ramada Upstairs Conference Room - Limit 8 - Cost $125 - You take home your new rod

#20 Sat. 3pm – 5pm Introduction to Fly Tying with Maryann Townsend Ed.D., CCI - Have you ever wanted to learn to tie your own flies in a non-intimidating atmosphere, but did not have the equipment or know where to start? In this course you will cover the basics of fly tying. We will also discuss the different types of flies and when and where to use them. The fee for this course covers the cost of basic supplies and tying equipment including a vise for you to take home to continue to expand your new talent of tying your own flies. Sat. 3pm – 5pm - Cost $25 - Limit 15 attendees – Building C1 – Also offered on Sunday at 12pm. Listed as #30

#11 Sat. 9am – 9:50am Fly Casting for Beginners – Ladies Only – Maryann Townsend Ed.D., CCI - Come and improve your casting skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Fairgrounds Casting Area – meet instructor in front of Registration Desk. Limit 8 FREE

#24 Sun. 9am – 10:30am Intermediate Fly Casting – Ladies Only – Maryann Townsend Ed.D., CCI - Ladies come enjoy a class where you can learn specialized casts, such as a Reach Cast, Tuck Cast, and others. Unlock the key to consistent tight loops, accuracy and distance. Class will be offered 9am – 10:30am Sunday. Fairgrounds Casting Area – meet your instructor in front of the Registration Desk. Limit: 8 attendees FREE

Steve Dally

Steve DallySteve Dally was raised on Australia's island state of Tasmania, in Aussie fly fishing terms the equivalent of being raised in Montana. But he'll tell you he squandered his youth in the salt, surfing, diving, and fishing for all manner of species including tunas. Finally convinced in his late 20s to grasp a fly rod, an obsession was born. He cut his teeth on the challenging wild brown trout and rainbows of Tasmania's wilderness lakes and streams before moving to the US in December 2000.

The experience in tackling North American conditions was invaluable as he fished the mayfly hatches of the Henry's Fork, Firehole and Au Sable, caddis hatches on the Big Wood, chuck and ducked beads on the Kenai, stripped streamers on the Beaverhead, splatted hoppers on Silver Creek, found himself tied to 40lb King Salmon on the Ayakulik, and roosterfish and snook in Mexico. His articles and photographs have appeared in several Australian publications and websites, and he remains a masthead columnist and regular contributor on tactics, destinations and fly tying with Australia and New Zealand's premier fly fishing magazine FlyLife.

Despite a serious and extensive fly fishing resume, Steve's laid-back Aussie accent and attitude, sense of humor and self-deprecating wit are appreciated by beginners and experienced fly fishers alike. His mantra is that fly fishing is meant to be fun whether you are catching the biggest fish of your life, tangling around the rod tip and everything in between.

Steve is now an owner of Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher.

#15 Sat. 12pm – 12:50pm Find'em and Feed'em – Trout Behavior - Steve Dally - Locating feeding fish is the essence of every type of fishing. Our preferred quarry, trout may live in a myriad of different environments, but they follow the same set of rules no matter where you are fishing. This program looks at common factors in how, why, when and where of trout feeding behavior, with particular reference to the White River system tailwaters. - Seminar Room - Sat. 12pm – 12:50pm FREE

Ben Levin

Ben LevinBen Levin was born and raised in Arkansas on the headwaters of the Mulberry River, and started chasing fish, crawdads, tadpoles, turtles, snakes, and all other manner of creatures in creeks and puddles since he was old enough to walk. He has been catching trout and smallmouth bass on fly rod in the Ozarks since age eleven. Having spent most of his childhood exploring every nook and cranny of Ozark creeks, rivers, tailwaters, and reservoirs, Ben has a special passion for his home waters. He has been guiding fly-fishermen on the White River system since age fifteen. You will find Ben doing both smallmouth and trout trips, whether it's in a canoe on the creeks, or his jon boat or drift boat on the tailwaters.

Between college semesters, Ben spent four seasons working and guiding for South Fork Outfitters on the Snake River, and Mike Lawson's Henry's Fork Anglers on the Henry's Fork in Idaho, one of the most famous and challenging dry fly rivers in the west. He has also traveled all over the Rockies, fishing in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. He was a member of the US Youth Fly-fishing Team in '98 and '99, and competed in Ireland and Wales.

Since graduating in 2005 from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with an honors degree in English, Ben has been guiding full time here in Arkansas on our local waters. He lives on Crooked Creek, our famous smallmouth fishery and major tributary of the White, where he fishes, writes, takes pictures, hunts critters, and spends time with his chocolate lab, Soco.

He's also a heck of a fly tier and supplies local fly shops with several custom smallmouth patterns.

#25 Sun. 9am – 9:50am Smallmouth Across the Ozarks – Ben Levin – This 50 minute presentation will include details on when, where, and how to catch smallmouth bass on flyrod across the Ozarks, with particular emphasis on Crooked Creek and the Buffalo. It will also cover food and flies, special techniques, and conservation. Building C1. - Sunday 9am – 9:50am - No attendance limit - FREE

Ken Minsky

Ken MinskySince moving to the area in 1996 and building his home on Bull Shoals Lake. Ken has also spent considerable time unlocking the secrets of fly fishing for the many other species of fish found in the deep, clear waters of Bull Shoals Lake

#27 Sunday 10am – 10:50am Learning to Fly Fish Lake Bull Shoals – Ken Minsky – The program will provide a brief history of Bull Shoals Lake and will include a Power Point presentation on: Seasons to fish, what you can expect to catch, and why. . Sun. 10am – 10:50am – Building C1 - No attendance limit - FREE

Wayne E and Catherine Moore Youth Conclave

Conclave#9 Sat. 8:30am – 4:30pm Wayne and Catherine Moore Youth Conclave - Registration required Open to children under the age of 16. If your child is under the age of 10, we require that you accompany him to this activity. Fly tying and casting instruction will be at the Fairgrounds in the morning. Lunch is provided at the fairgrounds. Children leave for Dry Run Creek after lunch. You are required to transport them. Each child must bring a hat, sun screen, and sunglasses. A coupon for one free TFO fly rod and reel will be given to each family pre-registering a youngster for the Youth Conclave. Saturday 8:30am – Begins in Fairgrounds Building C1 – moves to Dry Run Creek at 1pm. Ends at 4:30pm. Limit 20 FREE

Chad Johnson

Chad JohnsonIf there is a common thread among our friends meeting Chad, it is "that is one fishy dude". There might be a puddle with something fishy swimming in it, and Chad's going to work out how to get it to eat a fly. Chad was born in Mississippi in 1973. He spent the next 32 years in Crystal Springs. He grew up fishing for Catfish, Bass, & Blue Gill with his Dad but never with the passion that he has found in fly fishing.

Chad came to the White River area for the first time in 2000 and caught four fish in four days. That's all it took to get him hooked and he begin making as many trips as possible to fish the area. Sometimes getting sidetracked fly fishing for redfish on the coast but was always drawn back to our local waters.

In 2006 Chad decided trips were just not enough, he sold his house, left his business and moved to the White River to pursue his career in fly fishing. He deems this as the best choice he's ever made. Not long after making the move he joined his new fly fishing family at Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher in Cotter AR.

Chad enjoys his job to the fullest, from taking the kids to Dry Run creek and teaching them the fun of fly fishing to taking a client out for a fun day in his Drift boat. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or seasoned fisherman. Chad knows where to go and what to use on a daily basis. He doesn't just like to fly fish, he lives to fly fish and spends as much time as possible on our local waters.

Chad is an Umpqua Fly Designer.

#31 Sun 12pm – 12:50pm Do it yourself Red Fishing -Chad Johnson — This presentation will cover things such as:

  • Safely Navigating through the Marsh
  • Where Red Fish live
  • Tips & Techniques to catch Red Fish
  • Fly Selection

Seminar Rm. - Sunday 12pm – 12:50pm – No attendance limits - FREE

Lori Sloas

Lori SloasLori is one of a handful of female fly-fishing guides in the United States. Lori has an extensive background in counseling and corporate training that gives her a unique perspective that she uses in leading her popular ladies fly-fishing classes. Lori is an intuitive instructor who quickly brings her students to ease. A natural caster, Lori brings intensity to the stream that produces fish for clients in the most adverse conditions. A lifelong angler she now devotes her efforts to fly-fishing, teaching as well as designing fly- fishing programs.

She is a popular instructor that has presented seminars for the Federation of Fly Fishers, the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival, the Sowbug Round Up, Becoming an Outdoors Woman, Casting for Recovery, Fly Fishing Clubs and corporate groups throughout the region. Lori was Outreach Chair at the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Council Conclave in 2005. She is a member of the North Arkansas Fly Fishers, the Damsel Fly Fishers and is a life member of the Mid South Fly Fishers and the Federation of Fly Fishers. She was the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Council's Woman of the Year in 2006. Most recently she was featured on the television show, Adventure Guides, on the Versus network (previously known as OLN).

#29 Sun. 11am – 11:50am Why is he catching fish and I'm not - Lori Sloas How many times have you watched the guy downstream of you pull in one fish after another, while all you were doing was practicing your cast. What's he doing that you aren't? Take an hour, go to Lori's class and learn how to catch fish! A class for novices to early intermediate skills. Class will be held Sunday 11am – 11:50am Seminar Rm. No attendance limit - FREE

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt has been one of the White River Basin's most passionate fly fishermen and guides for over the last eleven years, and he is always looking to develop innovative flies and techniques that catch more fish; this reflects his true ingenuity and outside the box mentality. His personal favorite way to fish is with large streamers on the White Rive for brown trout during high water.

Jeremy is also very active in the local and regional fly fishing scene. He has put on several exceptional presentations at the last two Sow Bug Roundup events, and he has also traveled extensively for speaking engagements at Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers club meetings around the country. Jeremy is one of the most creative and talented young tiers in the fly fishing world, and he is starting to gain exposure for his unique patterns, along with his personal variations of old standards. Look for Jeremy to be featured in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine quite a bit over the next year, and he has also been asked to be a host guide for several fly fishing television shows.

He is always willing to donate his time and energy for good conservation causes, as he realizes that without clean rivers and solid habitat, Jeremy would not be able to make a career out of being a full-time guide. Another way that he gives back is by organizing and hosting monthly fly tying classes (for free) at Shepherd of the Hills trout hatchery below Table Rock Dam in Branson, Missouri. His goal in this endeavor is to get more people interested in the sport.

#23 Sun. 9am – 9:50am Hopper Fishing on the White River - Jeremy Hunt - Learn the hottest patterns and how to tie them. When to use hoppers, how to present them. Are certain areas of the river better? rod, leaders, pattern size, etc.. Seminar Rm. - Sunday 9am – 9:50am – No attendance limit- FREE

Brian Wise

Wise VideoBrian Wise – Streamers, big ones and all the time, could describe Brian's preferred fly fishing style. This local big streamer guru, videographer, and guide and is a Field Producer for Chasing Waters on the Pursuit Channel. His fly tying and fly fishing videos are quickly making their way to the top of the list of most popular. Fly Fishing the Ozarks YouTube Channel is the fastest growing channel in the fly fishing genre. If you consider yourself to be "on the edge" you'll like this guy.

#28 Sunday 10am – 10:50am Fishing Mike Schmidt's Streamers on Local Waters - Brian Wise – Streamer fanatic Brian Wise looks at when, where and how to get Schmidt's streamer patterns to produce on local waters. Sunday 10am – 10:50am - Seminar Rm. – No attendance limit – FREE

George Peters

George PetersThe trout that inhabit the tailwaters below Bull Shoals and Norfork dams are awash in natural trout foods. These cold, clear rivers provide optimal conditions for midges, scuds, sowbugs, mayflies, caddis and numerous types of baitfish. Such a banquet produces large, healthy fish and gives the fly fisherman much to imitate. And if you share the top-water-take addition of guide George Peters, these Ozark Rivers can bring great action. Fooling trout with tiny dry flies is George's personal specialty, and he is very willing to instruct his clients in the nuances of the challenge.

#32 Sun. 1pm – 1:50 Fishing the Dry Fly on the White River with George Peters You will be hard pressed to find a more 'hardcore' dry fly fisherman than George Peters. This man either fishes with a dry fly or not at all. What's really amazing is he is very successful at it on his home waters of the White River. George has taken a lot of time figuring out how to catch White River trout year round using only dry flies. Come learn his secrets. Sunday 1pm – 1:50pm - Seminar Rm. - No attendance limit - FREE

Larry Levine, CCI and Donnie Hyslip, CCI

#33 Sun. 1pm – 2pm The Beginners Introductory Fly Casting Class with Larry Levine, CCI and Donnie Hyslip CCI Come get first class instruction that will help those who have never cast or are just beginning this fun sport! Sat. 11am – 11:50am Fairgrounds Casting Area – meet instructor in front of Registration Desk. Class will be held twice Saturday and twice Sunday, attend them all! Listed as Class #26, #17, and #13. - FREE

#34 Sunday 2pm – 3pm - IFFF Southern Council General Meeting – Any IFFF member is welcome, Club Presidents and Board of Directors are expected to attend. Location: Seminar Room

Private casting lessons - Private instruction by an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor is available Saturday from 10am – 4pm and Sunday 9am – 1pm. Just drop by the registration desk and make an appointment. FREE

Are you ready to pre-register? Just click the RED hyperlink and you will get a PRINTABLE form (PDF). It is NOT an online interactive form. Print it out, complete the form and then mail it to us via US Post Office, OR complete the form, scan it and then email it to Chris Jackson. The deadline is Sept. 15th. Late entries will NOT be entered into Sage One Rod drawing.